Yesterday: 75% Strike Rate: 6.38 SP Points Profit!

Hello everyone

Yesterday Don’s Daily Tips cleaned out the bookies BIG TIME with 3 of his 4 advised bets coming off, which meant a massive take home profit of 6.38 starting price points (7.58 Betfair starting price points) for the day!

In other words, if you were betting £10 on each of his tips you would of finished the day £63.80 in front!

Here were the 4 bets that he advised:


Newmarket – Clemmie – 1st – 15/8

Ripon – Al Zaman – 6th – 5/2

Chelmsford City – Steady Pace – 1st – 3/1

Chelmsford City – Red Stripes – 1 st – 5/2


Don has more tips going out today so if you would like to cash in sign up at HIS WEBSITE RIGHT NOW.


Andrew Meller