10 Selections to Maybe Pick a Winning Horse

Horse Racing System to Compile a List of Horses that Could Win!

Ok I say maybe because this is actually better at picking selections to place than picking a horse to win. In this article I have listed 10 selections you can use in order to pick a winning horse. If the horse does not win it will be very likely to place so if the odds allow then I advise backing each way but that is up to you and the style in which you bet.


Pick a Winning Horse

Remember only to use horse racing systems like these to enhance your own selections or to create your own system. Follow them and cross the horses off that DO NOT fit the criteria. You will be left with a few selections a day.

Like said when you have your selections, I advise you to place an Each-Way/Place bet on the selections as opposed to a straight forward win. It is up to you and what your mind tells you, but this selection process does not ALWAYS pick a winner but it nearly always will create a list of horses that will place. There is therefore much less risk if you place the selections.

However, as everyone knows, as the risk decreases, generally, your profit will decrease too and that is the case here. With backing the horse to win, the odds will be higher and you will therefore win more when your horse comes in.

The best thing to do is to paper trade it for both the win market and the place market and after a month, see which is more profitable for you when  you are deciding if you are picking a horse to win or making an each way selection.

Let’s crack on to the criteria, the selection process is below:


The following FOUR criteria are for the race itself –

1 – The race MUST be a UK course

2 – The race MUST NOT be at Brighton or Chester

3 – The race MUST NOT be exclusively for 2 year old horses

4 – The race MUST be a Claimer or a Seller


The following ONE criteria is for the odds –

5 – The Racing Post MUST quote the selection to have a price of between 7/4 and 3/1


The following FIVE criteria are for the actual horses –

6 – The selection MUST have run within the last 35 days

7 – The selection MUST NOT be wearing a visor or blinkers for the first time

8 – The selection MUST have raced at least 5 times previously

9 – The selection’s last race MUST have been on the same surface type

10 – The selection’s last race MUST NOT have been in a handicap solely for 2 year olds or 3 year olds


Try this out! Paper trade it, tweak it to your liking and use it with other systems.

Think outside the box. You will never find the holy grail on a website or in a PDF but you can find clues along the way!

Happy hunting and i hope your day’s betting is going well.

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