Professional Free Horse Racing Tips

Free Professional Horse Racing Tips

Here i will show you where you can get free professional horse racing tips from paid tipsters.

Both of these tipster networks have been around a long time and their free newsletter’s which give free tips out from one of their pro tipsters every single day.

These tips have produced consistent profit and best of all they don’t cost you a penny!


Tipster Warehouse Free Tips

Tipster Warehouse Free Horse Racing Tips

Tipster Warehouse is a tipster network that manages some of the best tipsters on the internet. Not only do their tipster offer horse racing tips but they also cover all sports including golf, football, greyhounds etc.

Tipster Warehouse free tips have been averaging around 15 points a month since i have been testing them.

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Betfan Free Tips

Betfan Free Horse Racing Tips

Betfan is another company which has been around even longer than Tipster Warehouse. Again they only let the best of the best tipsters onto their network and if the tipsters don’t deliver they get the boot.

Betfan’s free tips have given out some awesome winners in the past such as 25/1, 33/1, 60/1 etc

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If you follow any of these free horse racing tips from any of these services please put a comment below and let everybody else know what you think of them and how they have performed since you have been with them.

Enjoy the free tips πŸ™‚

  • NatShaw

    I have been with betfan for a good few months now and don’t think there has been a losing month yet but i have never heard of tipster warehouse. Just joined up so i will have to check their tips out. Thank you for posting these.

  • Matt

    Both awesome newsletters to get. Especially Betfan as the newsletter is a good read on its own.

    This is how tipsters should be run through reputable tipster networks so the chaff gets sorted from the wheat.

  • Neo

    Will try them out. Good free tipsters are hard to come by!

  • Paulo

    The thing i love about both these free networks giving the tips out is they are so varied. Some days they are football the next horse racing the next golf and best of all they make money

  • Mark

    Just joined them both. Wish me luck all. Just looked on moremoneyreview and both these have good reviews

  • I follow both these sites and they do ok and also have some good articles with them but been getting the best free tip results from a site called WIN or winning information network who have made me loads of money this year. They actually proof all bets as well which I must admit I tend to check more when they lose than when they win but are always bang on and up to date. I also follow a number of others as well that just don’t perform tbh so I wont bother mentioning them πŸ™‚ Lots out there and its just trying to find best way to separate the wheat from the chaff

    • Race Better

      The Winning Information Network is a good source of free tips so i will get that added here as well.