How To Pick Longshots On The Horses

5 Rules to Picking High Odd Longshots on the Horses

When it comes to answering How To Pick Longshots there is one thing you need to understand before you consider how to pick Longshots. What you need to know is: You will not win them all. You will not win 50% of them. You will be lucky to win 25% of them. Once you fully understand and believe this, you can begin to make more and have more confidence in yourself.


How To Pick Longshots

But How To Pick Longshots out of all the horses in a race. Do you bet on the first horse, the second, third, fourth or fifth…

Below, we will explain some of the processes you can go through in order to have a higher chance of picking a decent winning longshot horse with high odds.

If your feeling lucky why not chuck them in a double, a trixie or even a lucky 15. If the came in then were talking big bucks and probably a lifetime ban from the bookie you won it from. We can always dream 🙂


5 Rules to stick to learn How To Pick Longshots:

1 – Only pick longshots with odds of between 25/1 and 75/1. It is very rare for horses to come in at over 75/1 odds and there is no point you betting on a horse at less than 25/1 if you plan on making money in the long run with picking longshots.

2 – Never bet on the junior and amateur races as it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a winner. They are so unstable that any horse can win so there’s no way you can make any appropriate selections.

3 – Never back on a horse that has fallen in it’s last 8 races. If it falls then there is a high chance it will fall again in the future. Do not let it be this race.

4 – If the horse came 5th or lower in the previous race at the same course then ignore it entirely.

5 – AGAIN: Remember you do not need to win every bet. You should be aiming for a strike rate of 20%.


Let’s look at the strike rate a little closer when it comes to picking longshots:

Let’s say that your average odds are 40/1. This means with a £10 stake, you would win £400 profit plus your £10 stake back. So with a 20% strike rate, this would mean you would be winning 1 bet in every 5.

So if the average odds were…

25/1 then with a 20% Strike Rate, you would have winnings of: £220

30/1 then with a 20% Strike Rate, you would have winnings of: £270

50/1 then with a 20% Strike Rate, you would have winnings of: £470


But what if the Strike Rate dropped to… 5%…

At 25/1 then with a 5% Strike Rate, you would have winnings of: £70

At 40/1 then with a 5% Strike Rate, you would have winnings of: £220


Yes, with JUST a 5% Strike Rate you can still profit with AT LEAST £70 at £10 Stakes. This is the sort of thing you will be looking to hit. For a 5% you will want 1 win out of 20 bets. Not bad!

Best of luck with all your betting.


  • NatShaw

    Judging by your recent performance on facebook you certainly know a thing or 2 about picking longshots. Keep it up your doing great!!!

  • Mark

    Im liking them strike rates. You dont need many to come in to keep in profit.