Coral Refuses To Pay Out On £11K Accumulator

 Coral Refuse to Pay Out on Big Win

Coral have refused to pay a Scottish man over £11,000 when his 7 race accumulator bet came in.

Coral’s Reason – There was a line printed on the betting slip!


Ryan Clark and Coral

When Ryan Clark placed his £1 accumulator bet on 7 horses running in races at Plumpton, Wolverhampton, and Kempton Park he was looking at over £11k in winnings.

Well all seven of the horses won their races netting Ryan a bumper return of £11,261. Not bad for a £1 bet!

Obviously Ryan was overjoyed! Christmas was sorted, he took a week off work to celebrate and spent over £400 in one night rejoicing in his massive win.


But this is where the story turns ugly!

When Mr Clark went to collect his winnings at his local Coral betting shop in Kilmarnock, the bookies refused to pay up sayinh his bet was not a seven bet accuulator – and offered him just £116. Thats £11,145 less than what he won and was expecting.

Coral excuse of getting out of paying is that a black line appears on the printed betting slip and that gives them the right to split his wager into a 50p treble and a 50p fourfold bet – obvious earning him far substantially smaller winnings.  £11,261 smaller winnings to be exact!

This just goes to show what some bookmakers will do to get out of paying their customers when they win big.

As far as Ryan is concerned he made a completely legitimate bet and is entitled to his big win. He even had a printed bet slip after requesting one and was told that management was aware of his bet. This is what Ryan had to say about it below –


Coral Refuses to Pay Out!


I’m truly devastated. In my opinion I lodged a fair bet and the bookies knew what it was from the start.

I wrote the seven horses’ names down and ‘£1’ at the side of the slip. The cashier asked if it was intended as an accumulator and I said it was.
It went into their system as a sevenfold from the outset. I know this because after the last horse won, I asked for a receipt to show what I would be paid.
It said it was a £1 accumulator which would pay out £11,000.
There was a line drawn on the betting slip before I even picked it up. That can happen and it was clarified at the time of the bet.
They didn’t mention trebles, fourfolds or 50p bets. It’s a complete rip-off.
They generated the receipt from the till and handed it to me. The manager also said head office were aware of the bet.
After the fifth horse won, I asked what my winnings stood at. They said it was more than £5000.
Coral were aware of their liability all along but, in the end, didn’t want to cough up.
It’s a disgrace and I want them to pay the full amount. I’ve had a run of bad luck recently and I’m totally skint.”

Coral are saying that given the information they were given they had to decide that the bet must be settled as a 50p fourfold and a 50p treble. That is the fairest way to settle the bet.

This is skull duggery at its best!

With everything Ryan has going for him such as confirmation from staff and printed betting slips this should be a no brainer when it comes to decide what the bet is and bookies should not be allowed to get away with this.

As far as i know Ryan is appealing and i really hope he gets his money that he has rightfully won.

Moral of this story! Always bet online!

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  • Bert

    Poor dude hope he gets his money somehow but i doubt Coral are gonna budge. scum bags. That is just a bit of change to them but would make a massive difference to him.

  • NatShaw

    Shocking this is daylight robbery and i bet he never see’s his money. Boycot Coral!!

  • AndyCap

    Completely shocking. Share and shame then. They should not be allowed to get away with this!

  • Race Better

    OK i have just heard he has been paid out. Probably thanks to social media!

    I hope he enjoys his winnings he so rightly deserves.

  • AndyCap

    Good to hear he has been paid out. Have a good Christmas Ryan 🙂

  • NatShaw

    Looks like coral did the right thing in the end. Wonder if there wasn’t so much attention they would have still paid out.

  • swell

    Moral is not to bet online because then you can only withdraw equal to what you have deposited from that bank account.

    • Race Better

      That’s not normally a problem for most people.

      Saying that if he had made this bet online with coral his account would be banned after paying out. Im sure he is not welcome in his local Coral’s any more!

  • Natalie Davies

    Good to hear he got his money! Im gobsmacked they tried it in this day and age when it was obviously going to be all over the news and on facebook. Hang your head in shame Coral. You only paid up because you had to.

  • Natalie Davies

    “Skull Duggery” Love it lol

  • UK Betting Tips

    So he got his money in the end! Have yourself a very merry Xmas Ryan. You deserve it for picking 7 in a row!!

  • Bert Jonas

    He got his money! Awesome!!

  • John Dodimead

    cunts ..they will def have to pay