Betfair’s Horse Racing Multi Place System

Win Big on Betfair’s Place Markets

This is something that completely randomly came to my head while messing around on the Betfair Horse Racing markets and more specifically, the place market. I noticed an odd pattern. I know what you’re thinking: “Have I completely lost my marbles? Do I really think that Horse Racing on Betfair has a pattern?” Well not per se, but what I am saying is that there is a common occurrence.


Betfair Horse Racing System

It is very rare for a high priced horse to come in the top position. Yes, it happens, but trying to guess when it exactly that, a complete guess… A stab in the dark. So what about the place markets, how well do they do in placing in a race, and the great thing I spotted is that middle of the field runners do quite well and one tends to place per race. So here it is, my definitive, working and top system for betting on the horses in the place market:


Here Is The System Below –

This really is amazing, and can be used on any race in any country which is why I love it so much. You can also set it all up a day in advance or even a week in advance but obviously, the closer to the race, the better the odds tend to be.

SO what you are going to be doing in this system is backing three horses to place and you profit if one out of the three come in. So how do we do this? Simple:

You must back the first three horses that have odds of 4.3 or higher. SO basically, back the three horses that have odds closest to this value but over this value. You will then back each for an even stake. The screenshots below might help you out:

Betfair Place Market System

As you can see in this example, we have bet on three horses, at 4.8, 5.5, and 12 and will profit if only one horses goes onto place. The great thing is that if on the VERY rare occasion, all three place, you can profit A LOT. In this example, you’d get over £35 from a 6 stake. In fact, you can check the stats, Bursting Bubbles in this race placed and therefore a total profit of £8.55 – £4.00 was created minus Betfair’s commission = £4.32 profit from one race with minimum stakes. Imagine if we’d put £10 stakes, on this race, that would be over £20 profit on one race.

And yes, it really is as simple as that. We tend to avoid races that only have 2 places and we avoid races with over 12 runners as it just becomes slightly harder to win. Good luck and enjoy betting using this system. Do comment with any questions and experience you have with this system!

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  • NatShaw

    Seems like a sensible approach. Will paper trade it and test it out.

  • Mark

    I tried this ona few races yesterday and ended up in profit on 4/5 and an overall profit. Is there any way i can add screenshots to these comments?

  • Mark

    i had 2 horse place in of the races as well 🙂

  • Ragwin

    I don’t understand lay betting

    Lay Betting

    • Race Better


      To put it simply, Lay Betting is betting on the favourite in a race to not win the race – to not come in first position.

      This type of betting is known as “Lay Betting” or “Not To Win”.